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Оборудование из нержавеющей стали_1Products and equipment for cafes, bars stores from stainless steel:


SP, SPP - production tables with shelf and without
SPVS, SPPVS - production tables with bath welded
SPVSH and SPPVSH - production tables with bath stamping
ACT - production tables with shelf, and without waste
SPMR - tables flour works with shelf and without
AC - bath welded
VSH, RM, BW - Bath pressed, rukomoyniki, bins for waste
STP - stelazh production of 4 shelf
CCC, CCC, PSP, PC-2 - stelazhi confectionery, stelazhi and shelves for drying dishes, kitchen shelves 2-level
TC, PT, PT, RSB, MRC - servirovachnye carts, were hanged for the sides, podtovarniki, pack for a cut of meat, workstations barman
ZVVP, ZVVO - and the island-in umbrellas exhaust ventilation Mamrity, counters ohlozhdaemye, cash units, neutral elements
EPK-2-3 KEO, KEO-4, EPK-6 - electric cookers 2, 3, 4, 6 komforochnye, disgusting
SHZHE-1, SHZHE-2, SHZHE-3 - cabinets zharochnye one, two, three or
SHPE-1, SHPE-2, SHPE-3 - cabinets lekarskie one, two, three or



плита электрическая шести комфорочная



Cooker electric six komforochnaya

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ванна штампованная двух секционная




Products: Stainless steel equipment - Products and equipment for cafes, bars stores from stainless steel
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Home » Products: Stainless steel equipment