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The refrigeration unit is called a constructive integration of a number of nodes on a common frame or related supports. The composition of subassemblies determined for ¬ Vodskaya delivery. GUPS compressor motor, condenser, fan (for air cooled condenser), receiver, filter, and some automation devices and control. In medium and large installations combine the evaporator with a receiver and regulating stations.

Packaged machines have several advantages over machines, where each element separately mounted: assembly of the unit to the factory provides the necessary accuracy, compactness, ease of maintenance and quality of erection (shaft alignment, mount the motor and compressor, connecting automation devices and control and etc.).

Refrigerating machine is called a set of elements that provide heat removal from cooled object. Typically, the refrigeration machine consists of condensing units, evaporators and instruments governing the flow of refrigerant and the set temperature in the cooled volume.

Refrigeration unit is called the refrigeration machine with a cooled object and auxiliary devices. The simplest example of the refrigeration unit is a home refrigerator, commercial refrigeration cabinet or counter with the condensing unit. Larger systems can consist of one or more machines, one or more refrigerated facilities, systems brine pipelines, pumps, auxiliary devices, as well as automation and control devices.

Currently, the domestic industry produces refrigeration units and chillers. Units received for manufacturers of refrigeration equipment where they are incorporated into the equipment (mostly units with hermetic compressors) or equipped with evaporators and other parts of the refrigeration unit and cooled object (counter, cabinet, collecting chamber) and sent to consumers.

Condensing Units classified:

the type of compressor - open (packing), sealed and seal-less (semi-hermetic),

type capacitor - air and water cooling;

according to cold - small up to 12 OOO Art. kcal / h, average of 20 OOO to 90 OOO Art. kcal / h and large - from 100 OOO to 400 000 em. kcal / h.

Small freon cooling units are divided:

to open (packing) type of ACF with piston compressors;

the open-type F with piston compressor;

in open water-cooled condenser type AK;

on seal-less water-and air-cooled condenser type BS;

in sealed aircraft type (Medium), BH (low temperature) and EP (Good quality plus) with piston hermetic compressors;

on the sealed-type HRV with rotary compressors.



Definitions and classification - Definitions and classification
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Home » Articles » Definitions and classification