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Insulation cameras. Since about 60% of useful cooling capacity units are spent on removing heat, penetrating into the chamber through the fence, to meet the temperature control is important insulation. When selecting insulation materials take into account the following properties: thermal conductivity, volumetric mass, mechanical strength, water absorption, water vapor permeability, frost resistance, fire resistance, resistance to decay, the ability to accept or odor emissions, the ability to process and cost.

Insulating materials are classified into two groups - non-organic materials (mineral cork, foam concrete, foamed glass, slag, etc.) and organic (polystyrene, foam, mipora, torfoplity, cork boards, reeds, corrugated cardboard, etc.). Since most insulation is hygroscopic, to protect them from moisture use of steam and water-proofing materials (bitumen, bitumen emulsions and pastes, as well as roofing paper, vellum, only etc.). The main insulating material for fixed cameras are mineral cork torfoplity, slag, and for commercial refrigeration equipment - foam, expanded polystyrene and mipora having a small coefficient of thermal conductivity and low volumetric weight.

Walls of cold rooms insulated with rock plug in the following sequence. The surface of brick, concrete walls or partitions, causing a layer of bitumen emulsion, and then a layer of hot bitumen, which is used for bonding mineral cork boards, and serves as a vapor insulation. At the first layer of plates are placed wooden sticks, pre-soaked in 3% solution of sodium fluoride to prevent it from rotting and attach them to the wall with steel ershami. The thickness of the bars should be equal to the thickness of the insulation layer. Joints between slabs sealed insulation panels crumbs on bitumen. Then on the first layer is applied a layer of hot bitumen and paste the next layer of insulating boards flush with the transom. In isolation stack steel mesh netting with a mesh 10 X x 10 mm so that it covered the walls and floors of at least 30 cm from the wall, then nail the grid to rake. Wall then plasterers and Stones metlahskoy tiles to a height of 1,8-2 m from the floor.

 Refrigeration equipment is selected in such a way that all the heat leakage per night 2F kJ / day (kcal / day) were allocated refrigeration machine for no more than 18 hours.



Stationary refrigerators - Stationary refrigerators
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Home » Articles » Stationary refrigerators