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The "Cold Storage"

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Refrigeration plant is a collection of machines, apparatus and installations

intended for the production and use of artificial cold. In this sense,

refrigeration unit in. addition to the four basic elements constituting a machine (or

In addition to the basic elements of systems machineless cooling), includes more

apparatus, appliances, pipelines and even buildings, as required for the commission

process at low temperatures, and for the rational exploitation

refrigeration equipment with long-term industrial use.

Most of the guidelines discussed in the course is applicable for cold

installations of any industry, but in some sections of the course examined

palpebral way refrigeration units in food industry, primarily because

Here are more concentrated and complex features characteristic for different

refrigeration plants.

The production of artificial cold, ie, achieving temperatures below

environment, and implementation of various technological processes in these

temperatures are finding increasing use in many branches of

economy. Refrigeration was necessary to almost all areas of human

activities. The development of some industries can not be imagined without the use of '

Refrigeration. In the food industry provides a long cold preservation

high-quality perishable products, and precisely because of the lack of more

Use cold world lost an average 25% of manufactured food products. On

scale consumption of artificial cold occupies an important place chemical

industry. In the chemical industry is used for artificial cold

separation of liquid and gas mixtures and to obtain pure products (eg, ethylene, propane,

propylene from petroleum and natural gas), the production of many synthetic materials

(Alcohol, rubber, plastics, trails, etc.), the production of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers for

removal of heat of chemical reactions in engineering introduced a low-temperature tempering

metals and cool fit. Artificial freezing of soils is effective

means to carry out construction work in aquifers; artificial cooling

Concrete used in the construction of dams largest hydroelectric power stations. Cold use

the production of a large number of materials and products. With the cold weather creates

artificial climate indoors (air conditioning), at any time of year

and in any climate can be created artificial ice rinks. Widely used

artificial cold on various types of transport for food, as well as

vessels fishing fleet in the food trade and in the home.

In applying the cold for various industrial purposes is the fact that

many physical, chemical, biological and other processes occur at low

temperatures substantially different from how they are performed under normal conditions. As

general rule, all these processes at low temperatures, slowing, and some of them

(Eg livelihoods of certain types of bacteria) are terminated. There are, however,

processes that occur at low temperatures, more intense than at high

(Eg, the transformation of austenite to martensite during quenching of high-instru-

mental steels) lowering the temperature at which a reaction occurs, allows

obtain polymers with higher molecular weight, ie, a stronger and more elastic.



The "Cold Storage" - The "Cold Storage"
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Home » Articles » The "Cold Storage"