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The order of the design industry

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Projects refrigeration businesses run on general provisions, elaborated

to streamline the design and construction of new industrial enterprises of all

species, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of existing enterprises.

Implementation of projects assigned to design organizations. When developing projects, they

should provide advanced technical level and high cost-effectiveness

projected enterprises in order to under construction or reconstruction company to

time putting them into effect were technically advanced and had high rates of

productivity and product quality, and on working conditions meet the high


The task of designing is the creation of such technical documentation that will

reproduce in kind company which meets the requirements and conditions, post-

services issued prior to this venture.

Design of industrial enterprises should be based on technical

feasibility study (FS), confirming the economic feasibility and ho-

tural need for design and construction (reconstruction) of the enterprise.

Construction or reconstruction of the enterprises is intended to ensure compliance

long-term development plan for the industry. Feasibility study prepared by the customer (economic

organization) with the assistance of the planning organization, which will be to design Ob-


In drawing up the feasibility study to choose the site for construction companies and related

objects. Venue construction company is selected in the area or item specified

scheme development and deployment of industry, to which the new

enterprise, and schema development and deployment of the productive forces of economic regions

country. The complex of works on siting, design and survey carried out

organizations include the economic calculations and engineering research, allowing

establish economic viability and technical feasibility of proposed

building in this location. Much attention should be on compliance

legislation on nature protection.

When the feasibility study determined the estimated cost of construction enterprises.

Feasibility study approved by the parent organization in relation to the contracting authority.


Based on the approved feasibility study gives the customer project organization job

design. Project organization should participate directly in

development of job design. It outlines the requirements and conditions that must

meet the projected object. The structure assignment for the design of industrial

businesses include the following information: name of the company; basis for

design (government regulation, or order from a superior, economical

organization); type of construction (new, renovation, expansion); area, location and market

construction, characteristics of products, expected to be released by the enterprise;

performance or production capacity, the main sources

supply enterprises with raw materials, electricity, water, fuel, scheduled specialization and

clustering, the possibility of expanding business in the future, the volume

capital investment requirements for environmental protection, construction period and

sequence of input capacity, the name of the design and construction

organization. Specifying the design approved by the parent organization.

Project organization - the general designer - for each projected

company to appoint a chief engineer of the project, which is organizing and governing

duction design and survey work, coordinates the work of designers

all parts of the project (construction, technology, refrigeration, energy, etc.) n

responsible for the timing and quality of work throughout the term of design and construction to

enterprise development capacity. To carry out engineering surveys, as well as

parts of the draft general designer can be involved in subcontracting

specialized organizations.

Planners must: apply in projects effective processes,

high-performance equipment to ensure the highest productivity

and high quality products; correctly determine the estimated cost of equipment and

construction; to ensure reliability and safety of engineered structures,

facilities and safe working conditions. Optimal design decisions in some cases

can be selected on the basis of variant elaborations.

Designing of the enterprises, buildings and structures may be carried out in two stages of fire is one.

In a two-stage design stages of the project are: 1) technical project, 2) pa-

bochie drawings. When designing a single stage is carried out techno-working draft.

Design and bottom of stage allowed for large and complex industrial

complexes, as well as for companies with undeveloped new production technology, with

the use of head samples of complex technological equipment or special

difficult construction conditions. Typically, the same for the construction of low-tech

businesses, buildings and structures developed techno-working draft. At one stage

designed objects for the construction of which is expected to use standard

projects and re-applied cost of individual projects.

At the stage of technical project addressed the major issues of the project, such as the development

master plan for the territory of the enterprise, process design, calculations and

selection of equipment, automation of production processes, procurement of raw materials

materials, energy, security of production personnel, organization and economics

production, as well as technical and economic indicators. All engineering calculations shall

with the possible completeness and obligatory justification of the choices made. In addition,

through the implementation of estimates is determined by the cost of construction. Completed technical

project is reviewed and approved.

In accordance with the approved technical design is executed the second stage of the project -

working drawings. They allow you to reproduce in nature projected object in all its

detail. Working drawings provide constructive solutions that provide strength,

reliability and durability of buildings and equipment. At this stage the

refinement and detail provided technical design decisions to the extent of

this is necessary for production of construction and installation works. At the same time

prohibits excessive detail and it is proposed not to repeat the drawings of typical structures and

solutions, as well as materials regulations.


In the techno-working draft should be addressed the same issues as in the two-stage

design, but to reduce the amount and duration of the project materials

Design in the techno-working draft should be given only to those drawings, calculations and other

data are not available in standard and re-applied projects.

The number of stages of the project is set in the job design. Established order

design allows the lowest cost of labor and time to investigate the possibility and

feasibility of the proposed construction, timely detect possible errors

in addressing fundamental questions of the project, to find the most economical and progressive re-


Important role in the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures are standard designs.

Development of standard project aims to ensure the construction of massive or multiple

repeating the same type of enterprises willing to design materials which

construction and installation work must be carried out after the necessary bindings project

to the site of construction, ie, after making a draft of relatively small changes

related to local conditions point where the construction work.

Typical design projects include the development of standard industrial

enterprises, shops, buildings with the establishment, especially certain grades

(Series) of performance, size or other key indicators. For example, if

developed model projects single-story distribution of refrigerators with a number of tanks

at 300, 600, 1500, 3000, 5500, 10 000 and 15 000 tonnes, the further distribution

Refrigerators should be built only with a capacity equal to one of the numbers of this series.

Construction of the refrigerator with a capacity that does not meet one of the numbers of a number would require

Special (individual) project, and therefore would have been expensive and lengthy than for

standard project. Typical projects under development in one or two stages depending on

novelty or complexity of the object.

When designing the model unified sizes repetitive

elements and parts of buildings, structures, and are typical sections, units and parts of buildings, and

structures. Such standardization makes it easier and cheaper not only design, but

building as well as model elements can be manufactured in large numbers in factories with

use of mechanized and commercialization. Such an organization design and

construction offers great opportunities to improve their quality. Model

design also includes the development and use of generic technology

processes, which contributes to unification of the applied technology equipment, as well as

cheaper and faster design. In connection with this model design is very

great advantages over the individual, and the latter can only apply

it is impossible to use standard project.

In applying the model projects prohibited their processing. Perhaps only the payment

changes in the working drawings for the referenced project to the construction site. Such

changes arise, for example, because of the different nature of the soil on the construction site

compared with those on which the calculation was carried out in a typical project; different temperature conditions on

construction site as compared with the model adopted in the project, etc.

When performing any object must not only seek to reduce the cost

construction, but also to create conditions for reducing the unit cost of production and

improve its quality compared to products produced by similar

existing enterprises.



The order of the design industry - The order of the design industry
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