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Types Refrigerators

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By capacity refrigerators cameras are divided into small - up to 100 m, small - up to 500, medium - up to 3000, large - up to 10000 and super - more than 10 000 t. According to the purpose refrigerators are divided into production, harvesting, basic, distribution, port, transport and trade.

Industrial refrigerators are building at the meat, fish processing plant, butter and cheese factory and other enterprises. They are used for cooling, freezing and storage of finished products. These refrigerators are equipped with refrigerators great performance, providing a cold freezers cameras and camera store.

Procuring refrigerators are building in the areas of procurement of various products - vegetables, fruits, poultry, eggs. Such products are refrigerators taken cooled, frozen and stored for a short time.

Basic refrigerators are used to build up stocks of food and prolonged storage. Frozen products come from production and procurement of refrigerators.

Electrical refrigerators are used to ensure uniform during the year retail and catering food. Frozen or chilled products come from production, procurement or basic refrigerators.

Port and transport coolers are used to preserve products before shipment and during it.

In these refrigerators of perishable products can be stored for a long time (some products over several years) without any noticeable deterioration in the quality

Commercial refrigerators are classified in refrigerators and coolers of food bases traders. Refrigerator Food Database (capacity from 10 to 500 tons to provide enterprises in trade and catering. Shelf life of perishable products such bases 5-10 days. Fridges food shops and catering establishments belong to the group small. The size and number of cold stores depend on which groups of goods and in what quantities will be stored there. Period of storage of the majority of perishable goods in the trade and public catering 2-3 nights, and therefore the capacity of cold stores must ensure the preservation of products in quantities equal to 2 - and 3-day implementation.

In the design of refrigerators into account the capacity of chambers for cooling, freezing and storage products; types of products and the nature of downloads by month of the year; loading rates (in kg per 1 m2), the possibility of using road and rail transport for delivery and shipping, the possibility of using indoors Transport and lifting devices for mechanization of loading and unloading; scheme water supply and sanitation; primary and backup power, the depth of soil freezing, and the allowable load on the ground and floors, sanitary and fire regulations, safety regulations for freon and ammonia refrigeration facilities; feasibility performance of new insulating materials, layout of various buildings, etc.



Types Refrigerators - Types Refrigerators
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Home » Articles » Types Refrigerators