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Types of industrial refrigeration

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Refrigerator - an industrial enterprise, designed for cooling,

freezing and storage of perishable products.

Refrigerators are characteristic features.

1. They are processed and stored valuable and quite perishable products

calling for its preservation to maintain the temperature below the temperature outside

environment and a certain relative humidity, and in some cases -

air circulation and a certain air or even some of the gas

environment (eg, storage of fruit in a medium with a high content of carbon dioxide

or other gas).

2. Heat and humidity outside air tend to penetrate into the refrigerator, which requires

creation of special designs fences to reduce the penetration of heat and moisture

inside the premises.

3. A large amount of transported goods, and the need for their rapid discharge require

widespread use of transport devices.

4. They have high sanitary requirements.

Refrigerators can be classified by various characteristics. Each type of refrigerator

has its own peculiarities, which must be taken into account in the design and operation.

First of all, refrigerators vary by purpose. This classification is the most

fully reflects the features of refrigerators and their equipment. The presence of various

refrigeration business is consistent with the implementation of a continuous cold chain, under

is defined as the combination of different types of refrigerators and the organization of mutual respect

between them, through which food products, ranging from the production to

consumption are under the constant influence of low temperatures, which provides

high quality products, even during prolonged storage. Certain types of refrigerators

are, therefore, links the continuous cold chain. In accordance with this time-

lich following types of refrigerators.

Industrial refrigerators are designed for the primary heat

processing (refrigeration) food products and are in the areas

production or harvesting of products. They can shop any food establishment

(Meat processing plant, milk plant, etc.) or an independent company in place

workpiece, for example, fish (fish harvesting) or poultry, eggs (egg-ptichno) and other

agriculture. Refrigerators of this type are characterized by high productivity

sequence of devices for cooling and freezing at a relatively small amount

facilities for food storage. Due to the large capacity of freezing-

ing device manufacturing refrigerators have refrigeration large

power for low boiling points.

Work refrigerators of this type is characterized by mostly sharp uneven,

plain the season preparations of food.

Basic refrigerators are designed for long-term storage of the products coming from

production of refrigerators in order to create reserves. These refrigerators are usually

a large capacity space for food storage and a low performance devices

cooling and freezing. Such refrigerators are increased requirements for

maintain a constant temperature and humidity regimes in refrigerated rooms.

Port refrigerators are used for short-term storage of goods in their trans-

one mode to another, such as water to rail and m, n.

Construct such refrigerators in the river or sea ports. They are characterized by large volumes

cargo operations, operations, inspection and sorting of products, which provides

special facilities. Particularly high degree of mechanization must be freight

works, particularly for loading and unloading of ships.

Electrical refrigerators are designed to ensure uniform and cities

industrial centers of seasonal foods all year. Just as

basic refrigerators, characterized by a relatively large capacity space for

storage products. Volume of cargo carried relatively evenly, refrigerators

often have the production halls: the production of ice cream, water ice, solid dioxide

carbon (dry ice), filling of meat, butter, etc.

Commercial refrigerators are used for short-term storage of products at trade bases,

shops, cafeterias, restaurants, etc. The characteristic n for this type of refrigerators are

Increasing the storage temperature and less stringent requirements regarding the maintenance

constant conditions snort. This group also includes refrigeration

device for the current snoring products tortovoy network.

Transport refrigerators are designed to create the necessary low-temperature

conditions of transportation of products in a variety of means of transport. Distinguish

rail, water, road and air transport refrigeration, as well as

refrigerated containers. All these types of refrigeration devices are connecting elements

Tami between the individual links in a continuous cold chain. Transport refrigerators

may be intended for production or procurement purposes. For example,

There are fishing vessels, which is

frozen fish, mobile devices in cars for the freezing of berries, etc.

Domestic (household) refrigerators are used for short-term storage products

home and for the production of small quantities of ice. They are the latest

link in a continuous cold chain.

The above, classification of refrigerators in the degree of relative, since some functions

refrigerators may be changed or combined. So, a refrigerator port can perform

function and distribution refrigerator, providing current consumption area in

which it is located. These functions can be performed production refrigerator.

However, each enterprise characteristic of the main function, which allows you to assign it to

certain type.

Various refrigerators can be compared with each other in volume or capacity of cells

storage, as well as performance spaces or devices for heat treatment

(Refrigeration or freezing). In foreign practice, the size of refrigerators usually

characterize the amount of storage chambers in cubic meters.



Types of industrial refrigeration - Types of industrial refrigeration
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