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Operation of commercial refrigeration equipment

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Sandwich panels - the definition for a class of multi-layer panels.

Construction of sandwich panels is called the panel with a relatively thick layer of filler and sheet metal facings. They are used to build structures.

Typically, the structure of the sandwich panels constitute the heat-insulating core (which is designed to absorb noise and absorb water) and the outer layers (usually made of metal), which have several functions: protective, constructive and decorative.

An important function of the sandwich panels - insulation - depending on the material of construction of the core and its thickness. The most common fillers - are different types of foam and mineral wool.

The thickness of the filler depends on many factors that affect the conditions of the building: the climate, the temperature of the room, etc.

Thanks to high-tech production, a wide range of modifications and the construction of sandwich panels are in high demand for construction materials. Used in the construction of low buildings, sandwich panels offer the opportunity to fulfill a variety of constructive and architectural solutions. Therefore, for the construction, in which the sandwich panel, a great deal: industry and industrial buildings, housing and administrative buildings, refrigerators, bus stations, supermarkets, etc. Because of the ease of installation and dismantling of structures, sandwich panels are used for military deployment, or temporary buildings, for example, the shift space. Extensive transportation permit to carry a sandwich panel, even by helicopter to inaccessible places.

The construction of the external walls of light frame structures of technology with the use of sandwich panels need to match the main technical and functional requirements: the strength and stability of structures; for insulation and fire safety. However, there are special requirements, such as health - for the food industry. Sandwich panels completely satisfy these requirements. Moisture fillers and anti-corrosion coating of metal - the main guarantors of hygienic protection of a long service sandwich panels.

As functions of sandwich panels are divided into wall, roof and repair of sandwich panels (for the reconstruction and insulation of old buildings and premises). There are these types of systems, locks and stiffness characteristics, as well as on the walls and roof are different nagruzkiStenovye sandwich - panels are used for the construction of buildings and structures of industrial and commercial purposes. The outer surface of the shell panels have a corrosion-resistant coating, which has high resistance to abrasion, the interaction with acidic environments and ultra-violet radiation.

Roof sandwich
- panels are used for your roof roofs of buildings and structures of industrial and commercial purposes. The outer surface of the shell panels have a corrosion-resistant coating. The roof of the sandwich panel has a high resistance to abrasion, the interaction with acidic environments and ultra-violet radiation

There are several ways to manufacture sandwich panels: automated lines, manual assembly, foaming polyurethane foam between two sheets of veneer. Automatic lines are more productive than the so-called «poster», when the panels glue together manually.

And with the automatic and manual assembly of components in the panel connects the glue layer, which attach great importance to manufacturers. Depends on the quality of the adhesive durability of the panel.

Sandwich panel assembly plant are simple installation. The advantage of the use of such panels is the availability of integrated units designed for rapid installation of fencing. More often than not, the sandwich panels are mounted on the carrying metallic structure of the building. Light weight panels allows not attract large numbers of people to work on installation and use easier and cheaper bases. At this stage of additional accessories: naschelniki, bars, gaskets. These elements are the technical and decorative features: they close all the gaps at the joints of panels, which are inevitable during installation.

One of the main criteria for quality of installation of the assembly - the quality of joints. Depends on the strength and design, its degree of warmth and waterproof.

Many large construction companies offer the customer a complete cycle of works: design and manufacture of construction materials and installation of the building. Working with sandwich panels significantly reduce the cost of building and not lose anything as a!

Cendvich panel: the reasons of popularity

Due to its design, sandwich panels have high margins, and their light weight makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of shipping, handling and assembly designs. Due to light weight sandwich panels significantly reduces the load on the foundation, resulting in reduced costs of the geological studies of soil and laying the ground work.

Buildings and facilities of sedvich panels are manufactured at the plant, after which they need only bring to the project site and to gather as designer. Therefore, construction of sandwich panels is happening much faster than is the case with traditional construction materials. If necessary, the building of the sandwich panels can be easily dismantled and mounted at any other place.

Perfectly smooth surface, which possess all the sandwich panel, requires no further treatment (plaster or shpaklevaniya). It should also be noted that the sandwich panels are produced already painted, which also significantly reduces the cost of finishing this building.

Sandwich panels are not only economically beneficial to the construction, but also have excellent consumer properties. Houses built on this technology are low Dehumidification and good insulating properties that makes it possible to build even in regions of the Far North. In addition, all the sandwich panels during the production process are subjected to additional processing - a layer of corrosion-resistant coating, primer and polymer composition.

In addition to high thermal insulation characteristics, low weight and ease of installation, that the cheaper construction costs in time, sandwich panel are known for their noise-protecting - this is important when selecting materials for the construction of housing or office space.

Sandwich panels - this ecological material, as confirmed by numerous studies both in Ukraine and abroad.

Thanks to all of these qualities, the sandwich panels were used in the construction of houses, industrial complexes of various purposes, entertainment and shopping complexes, warehouses and administrative buildings. In addition, the sandwich panels can be used for insulation and noise insulation of buildings.

How to build from the sandwiches?

Most of the time sandwiches are mounted on a wooden, concrete or steel structural building. Work with them very easily. Cope with the work of 2-3 people will be able to calmly, with the lowest cost of any effort and support tools. Sandwiches weigh very little, from that of their relatively high price, but greater reliability and ease of use. The standard panel weighs 50 - 80 kg.

To strengthen the panel to frame buildings are also very easy. Builders are two types of attachment - the hidden (where the anchorage is fastening a sheet of the panel) and visible when the attachment can be seen from the outside, but it is part of the panel. To use special samonarezayuschiesya mounting screws or special fasteners. The main problem with the installation of sandwiches - it is good or bad splice panels, so the manufacturers and the builders themselves directly in front of the focus on solving «castle». From these joints depends very much: and the strength of the connection design and the lack of small gaps, which will be cold air, and the highest density of construction in order to prevent the infiltration of moisture and vapor in the insulation. Sandwiches, incidentally, tend to change their sizes depending on the thermal fluctuations in temperature, so you need to take into account this feature and the best fit corners, joints and seams that there is no deformation of the entire system.

Seams and joints can be further filled with sealing mastic, gasket of polyurethane, neoprene, polyurethane tape or polyurethane foam. In some systems, an additional set of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil at the junction prevents the diffusion of gases and vapors in the penetration of insulation. Socket seams of panels filled with mounting foam or mineral wool and closed naschelnikom.

When mounting the panels are used as fittings. This is a very strong metal products, which are applied to the closure of joints, resulting in the installation panels. At the construction site basement wall panels can be mounted without the use of machinery. To lift the panels are encouraged to use the hoist, which can be rented from the manufacturer. For zavaltsovyvaniya fold roof panels customer may rent a manual typewriter zakatochnuyu. To speed up the work can be used by an electric typewriter. Exterior wall panels can be installed vertically. The construction of bulkheads typically used this method of installation, because panel easily fastened to the floor and ceiling without any additional beams.

The advantages of the sandwich panels.

• Light and strong sandwich panel is much easier to transport than the ton of bricks, cement, sand, concrete slabs or timber.
• Pressures on the foundation are reduced by 100 times or more. This is usually an opportunity to refuse to conduct geological studies of soil, significantly reduce the cost of construction of the basement, and often almost completely abandon it.
• Construction of buildings using sandwich panels are cheaper and quicker payback. In addition, the building yard pleasantly surprised almost complete lack of construction waste and debris. If necessary, the building of the sandwich panels can be dismantled and transported to another place.
• Sandwich panels - are elements of full factory readiness. The ideal surface of sandwich panels requires neither the outer nor the inner decoration. Moreover, the rich colors of panels will satisfy any taste of the architect and designer, arming of the sandwich panels is as modern and prestigious.
• The shell of the sandwich panels made of solid on the physico-technical properties of galvanized steel with corrosion-resistant coating, primer and the polymer coating, which guarantees low Dehumidification. Even if leakage connections between the sandwich panels Water absorption material is no more than 3%.
• High quality sanitary products. This feature allows the sandwich panels used for the construction of buildings related to the food industry.



Operation of commercial refrigeration equipment - Operation of commercial refrigeration equipment
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Home » Articles » Operation of commercial refrigeration equipment