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Refrigeration equipment is divided into industrial, commercial, domestic.

Industrial refrigeration equipment - equipment that has, as a rule, composed of the cooling system and (or) of the cooling capacity of over 15 kW.

The cooling system
- a set of refrigeration equipment (one or more compressors, condensers, evaporators of various types, boxes, etc.), which circulates in the refrigerant, or for the production of artificial cold.

Refrigeration unit - a set of one or more refrigerators and all units, units, components, pipes and fluids necessary for their functioning, as well as distribution and use of the cold.

Refrigerating machine
- the category of heat engines, which, absorbing energy, aimed at the removal of heat from the phone with a low temperature, and transfer his body to a higher temperature.

From the standpoint of thermodynamics - it is a machine, the transfer of heat from low temperature to a higher level for the purpose of cooling, and containing the minimum required number of elements (four) for the refrigeration cycle.

In a refrigerating machinery are classified in the compression and absorption.

Compression refrigeration machine - parokondensatsionnaya refrigerating machine in which compression of the refrigerant is achieved by using volumetric compressors or turbochargers.

Compression refrigeration machines of the type of refrigerant is divided into ammonia and freon.

Absorption refrigeration machine - parokondesatsionnaya refrigerating machine in which a pair of refrigerant absorbed by liquid or solid absorbent, which they subsequently evaporate when heated, with a high partial pressure.

Absorption machines are divided according to the principle of action for the continuous and periodic operation. Continuously operating the machine, in turn, is divided into pump and beznasosnye (diffusion).

The source of heat for the operation of absorption machines is a vapor, gas, electricity. You do not need to have any valuable source of thermal energy, such as high-pressure steam. In absorption systems can use waste steam or other heat.

Refrigerant in this type of machine is mainly ammonia and sink - water. In some cases, an absorbent of lithium bromide aqueous solution, refrigerating agent - water.

In the absorption refrigerating machine consumes more water, they are more bulky and heavy than the compression machine. The main advantages of absorption refrigerating machines should be simple, the reliability of all elements of the machine, the possibility of using low-cost sources of heat and nearly silent operation.

Refrigerating machine parokondensatsionnaya - refrigerator, in which the refrigerant evaporates in the absorption of heat and becomes liquid at dropping heat.

Cooling unit
- a concept that denotes a compressor - condenser unit, a compressor unit, a standalone refrigeration unit assembly plant.

By type of compressor units are distinguished with open (Salnikova) compressors, semi (bessalnikovymi) and sealed.

By way of cooling the condenser units produce water and air cooling.

Staff fridge - a device based on the vessel and (or) heat exchanger designed for heating and other processes within the refrigeration system.

Commercial refrigeration equipment

To preserve food in grocery stores, cafeterias, restaurants, cafes and other business enterprises, trade and catering, along with stationary refrigerators are widely used commercial refrigeration equipment. It is designed for short-term storage of chilled or frozen products, semi-finished and finished dishes, and demonstrate them on sale.

For commercial refrigeration equipment include: prefabricated cold rooms, refrigeration cabinets, refrigerated display cases, counters, showcases and counters.

Prefabricated cold rooms used for storage of refrigerated (frozen) products. Represents assembly of insulating panels. The panel consists of external and internal galvanized sheet metal and insulation material between them. The door may be equipped with heating to prevent primerzaniya.

Refrigerating cabinets designed for storage of refrigerated (frozen) food, drinks. There are size, volume, number of shelves, the existence of forced convective cooling of the internal volume. The cabinet may be opening or sliding doors. May be equipped with a control unit with the regime avtoottayki.

Cooled display cases and counters are designed to preserve the products in the shopping hall during the work shift. The main purpose of the refrigerated display cases - a demonstration of products being sold.

Some types of commercial refrigeration equipment is available in two climate models.

In temperate areas it looked at work at the maximum ambient temperature of 32 C for the southern regions - at a maximum temperature of 40 C.

Equipment for the southern compiles more refrigeration compressors and condensers with a greater heat transfer surface than for areas of moderate climate.

The air temperature inside the cooled volume is determined by type of equipment, range and duration of storage of products. Depending on the temperature within the cooling volume, commercial refrigeration equipment are divided into:

     * Srednetemperaturnoe - with плюсовыми temperatures, calculated on the storage of refrigerated products;
     * Low temperature - for the storage of frozen foods;
     * Combined - for the storage of refrigerated and frozen products.

In equipment for refrigerated products of the internal air temperature are equal: in the collecting chamber from 0 to 2, in the closets of 1 to 3, the counters from 2 to 4 C and in display cases from 4 to 6 C. In the low temperature chambers, and closets of are equal - minus 18 C, and low counters and display cases - from minus 15 to minus 13 C.

To cool commercial refrigeration equipment is used primarily compression refrigerating machines and, in a small number, absorption, diffusion machine.

When cooled Compression refrigerators cabinets, counters and counters, showcases compressor-condenser units or integrated into them, or set number. Cameras are usually cooled by individual units.

Domestic refrigeration

This type of equipment is largely determined by household refrigerators, which are divided into refrigerators and special-purpose public.

First serve is mainly for cooling and short-term refrigerated storage of perishable products, semi-finished and finished dishes, small quantities of frozen food products and ice.

Special refrigerators, freezers produced primarily for freezing and subsequent storage in the frozen state, or only for the storage of previously frozen products.

Special refrigerators produced for separate storage of frozen and chilled products. In this case, their two-perform: with camera products for refrigerated and frozen products for the camera, each camera has its own door. This type of domestic refrigerators is by far the most popular and widespread among consumers.

Compression household refrigerators cooled refrigerating machines, comes in the form of integrated units, consisting of the compressor, condenser, throttle device - a capillary tube, the filter-drier and the evaporator. Condensers for domestic refrigerators use of air-cooled and, in most cases, with the free movement of air.

With an ambient temperature of 32 C the average temperature in the refrigerating chamber compression refrigerator should be no higher than 5 C and in the refrigeration chamber absorption refrigerators - not more than 7 C.

Low-temperature separation of refrigerators labeled, depending on the temperature of the office. At temperatures of no higher than minus 6 º C is caused by one star when the temperature no higher than minus 12 C - two stars and not higher than minus 18 C - three stars.

The cooling system - a set of refrigeration equipment (one or more compressors, condensers, evaporators of various types, boxes, etc.), which circulates in the refrigerant, or for the production of artificial cold.



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