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Heat insulator for the sandwich panels

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The modern level of construction makes its own rules.

By building materials subject to special requirements
: they must be easy, convenience and speed of installation, good transportability. Materials, the most responsible for all these characteristics are the sandwich panel.

More than 30 years of international experience shows that the use of sandwich panels in the construction of new facilities and renovation of existing ones gives a noticeable economic effect compared with other traditional materials.

Under the sandwich panels
is understood an entire class of building materials, which are three-layer construction: insulation plus lining the front and inner side, and glue.
Three-panel "sandwich" are widely used in industrial and civil construction. The first wall and roof construction fencing for various buildings and facilities. Also, the sandwich panels are used for internal partitions in the office, industrial, warehouse and retail space. Ideal for protecting structures of refrigerating chambers of industrial refrigerators, insulated and refrigerated vans. Recently, extensive use of the panel "sandwich" found in the manufacture of mobile buildings, prefabricated dismountable unit container.

Sandwich panels are - strength, high heat and soundproof characteristics, light weight, ease of assembly-disassembly. These indicators of sandwich panels are used wherever needed a short time of construction, low cost of capital construction, attractive appearance of the buildings erected.

The invention of the sandwich panels was the result of sharply increased competition in the market for building materials. At the moment the situation is already fierce competition among manufacturers of sandwich panels. To win the competition the producers need to go to a new level. This is possible when used in the production of new materials.

The most promising heat-insulating material in the creation of the sandwich panels is PENOPLEKS - material obtained by extrusion of general purpose polystyrene.

Although Extruded polystyrene foam is a new material for our country (production in Russia started only in 1998), consumers have already managed to appreciate its unique insulating properties. These specifications far exceed those of traditional materials such as mineral wool, polystyrene foam.

Unlike other insulating materials used in the manufacture of sandwich panels and plates PENOPLEKS have a closed cellular structure with pore size 0,1-0,2 mm.

Thanks to a special performance, plate PENOPLEKS do not have cavities that can absorb the water, combined in a single submission negligible water absorption, low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength. PENOPLEKS is environmentally-friendly materials. In addition, it is easy to work with any cutting tool.

These properties are the principal when choosing insulating materials for the manufacture of sandwich panels, as well as the insulating material is a «heart» of. It is subject to special requirements, because replace it, will not damage the layer facing impossible.

Low thermal conductivity
PENOPLEKS is numerically low and stable values of thermal conductivity - 0,025-0,03 W / mK. Other types of insulating materials used in the manufacture of sandwich panels, have a similar value of thermal conductivity (0,038-0,045 W / m * K), only to completely dry. In real operation, this value increased to 0.06 W / m * K is already at 10% moisture of the plates.


Cookers PENOPLEKS characterized by resistance to long-term effects of moisture and steam. Thus, water absorption PENOPLEKS plates at 28 days aging in water does not exceed 0.4%, while that of other insulating materials used in the manufacture of sandwich-type panels, typically from 5 to 35%.

High Strength
Cookers PENOPLEKS possess unusually high mechanical strength in compression, the value of which depends on the density of the plates. For 45 type capable of withstanding pressures up to 65 t/m2 with 10% linear strain, including prolonged continuous exposure (1000 hours), workload compression.

Frost resistance

Cookers PENOPLEKS retain their properties after long-term effects of freezing-thawing cycles (more than 1000 (!) Cycles).

High resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, defines a record high term conservation of all operational properties - more than 50 (!) Years. Such indicators do not have any one fiber insulating material.
Wall and roof frame structures. Buildings and facilities, built with the use of sandwich panels of penopleksa, aesthetic, heat, very high noise-protecting, ease of assembly-disassembly and fast reconstruction with minimal costs.

Protecting structures of industrial cold rooms refrigerators, insulated and refrigerated vans. The use of sandwich panels with penopleksom as insulation provides: low thermal conductivity, hygiene, good amount of savings in refrigeration chambers, durability, and high durability. Especially, the average rate of resistance is important when selecting materials for insulated and refrigerated vans. It is in protecting designs have great vibration, weight loads, etc., which often leads to the destruction of a heater in operation. Sandwich panels using penopleksa resistant to such influences.

Internal walls in offices, manufacturing, warehouse and retail space. The system allows mobile office partitions in a short time and without significant investment in capital construction to isolate specific zones in the premises of a large area and easy to redevelopment in accordance with the changing requirements of working space. Office partitions and doors of sandwich panels with the use of PENOPLEKSA provide high-quality noise isolation, give the rooms a modern and aesthetic appearance, have high strength and lightness.

Doors. By the door is usually subject to special requirements. They should have an attractive appearance (well into the interior or the façade of the building), to ensure long life, good noise isolation, and durability combined with ease. Materials used for doors, must be resistant to external influences (precipitation, temperature) and provide security. Creating doors using sandwich panels with insulation PENOPLEKSOM allow each door to give all the above properties.

Winterizing slopes: an increasing number of manufacturers of windows using a sandwich panel, while filling window openings. PENOPLEKS used as insulation, provides a high heat and steam, long service life even under the most trying circumstances, but also eliminates the undesirable effects associated with frost knot primykaniya window design.

Designs with glass. Structures of this type especially popular (the creation of stained-glass windows, winter gardens, etc.). A very important aspect is to give them the kind of aesthetic, with maximum strength. The use of sandwich panels with PENOPLEKSOM provide a solid structure connecting nodes, as well as an attractive modern appearance. In addition, a huge advantage in the construction of buildings and structures in glass is a property of sandwich panels with PENOPLEKSOM as high tech that provides ease and speed the creation of designs.

Thus, the panel-type sandwich with a heater PENOPLEKSOM allow their widespread use in the construction of a wide variety of objects, even if they are subject to the highest demands.



Heat insulator for the sandwich panels - Heat insulator for the sandwich panels
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Home » Articles » Heat insulator for the sandwich panels