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Choosing industrial refrigeration equipment

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When you are choosing industrial refrigeration equipment for your business, you need to define the primary task, which will continue to serve your industrial refrigerator. For each of the tasks will always be several solutions, we need to choose one - the best. To do this, when choosing industrial equipment is taken into account some factors affecting the efficiency of the system and its effectiveness.

To make the right choice of industrial refrigerator, you need to know:

• Maximum heat;
• How to change the heat during the working day;
• The resistance of the hydraulic system;
• Where is heat;
• The need for duplication of the system;


It is often advantageous to put more than one installation, and divided by productivity. In this case, the day shift may work all of the installation, but at night, on weekends and holidays, it is quite a small car. This allows you to save on operating the system as well as improve the reliability of the cooling system.

The choice of pump, whose main task is prokachivanie coolant affect the following factors: the distance from the industrial refrigerator to the place of consumption, the diameter of pipelines, as well as the need to lift this very fluid at any height.

The system can also be complete refrigeration equipment, which will be in stock. It is advisable to do if the cost of production downtime will be commensurate with the cost of equipment. In this case, the installer put the electronic control units, which can automatically regulate the work of refrigerating machines, so that-time-in hours was the same.

Unacceptable match industrial refrigerators with a powerful electric drive with a capacity that exceeds the required level. Why? Because some customers are buying cooling equipment «future», hoping that after some time they will need large capacity. For example, buying a refrigerator with a very high (so far useless) cooling capacity, hoping that in the future will be additional equipment that will require water cooling. It would seem that the calculation is correct. By purchasing today, more powerful industrial refrigerators, you can be sure that tomorrow it enough room for the new equipment. However, there is a problem. If refrigerating equipment much more heat stress, respectively, a refrigerator will often turn on / off. For equipment with a powerful electric drive, there is limitation to the number of starts per hour. What caused this? Meanwhile, that each time the equipment is working in the most disadvantaged mode: starting currents exceed rated up to 10 times, and, accordingly, electric heat cable can be 100 times higher than when working in the nominal regime. Increasing the amperage at start-up resulting in higher torque, which in turn leads to a dynamic impact on clutch, bearings and shaft for each launch. Consequently, even the most reliable industrial cooling equipment will not be able to serve you long and the cost of its operation (the cost of energy consumption) will increase by several times.

Optimal levels of the industrial refrigeration is achieved when the work is uninterrupted during the entire shift. This requires that the selection of the refrigeration unit so that it barely covers the maximum heat flux. In addition to the accurate selection of the productivity of equipment, you can also consider different methods of reducing the frequency of launches. One of those ways is to increase the thermal inertia in the systems of revolving water, by introducing a system capacity hladonositelem, which will operate as a «cold battery» and will increase the time between the start-up.

When an industrial refrigerator selects the heat from the coolant, it is necessary that heat somewhere to spend, it is easier to say «throw». A release of heat, depending on the capacity of the installation itself can be very large.

There are 3 options for solving this problem:

- The release of heat on the street (with the help of remote condenser);
If the company is working in the cold time of year, for the system should provide an opportunity to run (the system start-up of winter).
- The release of heat in the room (the refrigerator performance monoblock);
This option can be used if allowed to warm in the dispersion of space facilities is a significant increase in temperature. And in some cases, it even allows you to save on the heating plant.
- The release of heat in a place where there is a need (energy recovery).
If there is a place near where there is a need in the heat (for heating), while in some cases it is advisable to carry warm it through coolant.

So, the question of what system is best resolved preferably before the production line will be put into operation.



Choosing industrial refrigeration equipment - Choosing industrial refrigeration equipment
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Home » Articles » Choosing industrial refrigeration equipment